PLus Size

Plus Size Problems

I love my curves and it’s taken me a long time to get to this point. I have spent a lot of my life making myself sick, pushing myself to my absolute limits because I was trying to look like everyone else, trying to be a size ten and now I’m done. So why is it now I’ve found love…

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Mental Health, Twenties

My Tick List Life

I have spent my entire life running. Running from my family, from my home town, from the legacy that would have been mine had I stayed. I ran from everything that I was told I was better than and toward a life that promised prosperity and the future. As a teenager my only goal was to leave my home town.…

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Mental Health

I am.

I am a sufferer of mental illness. I am the child of an alcoholic. I am the product of divorce. I am considered obese. I am not perfect. I am intelligent. I am a woman. I am a lesbian. I am engaged. I am a nurse. I am anxious. I am bulimic. I am human. I am complex. I am…

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