Mental Health, Twenties

My Tick List Life

I have spent my entire life running. Running from my family, from my home town, from the legacy that would have been mine had I stayed. I ran from everything that I was told I was better than and toward a life that promised prosperity and the future. As a teenager my only goal was to leave my home town.…

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Dear Butch, Love Femme.

Something that I posted back in the day when I first came out and was exploring the dynamics of the lesbian world and my love of butch women. If you want more information about Sapphic City and my previous exploits click on the link or head to About Me.   Dear Butch… I see you. When I rolled over this…

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Late Twenties.

Being in your late twenties isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. When did we stop going out all weekend and start relishing in the thought of a good book and a glass of wine? When did I start enjoying wine? When did one shot of tequila turn into a night with my head in the toilet and a…

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